World Studies Newsletter

12th October 2015

Year 11 Revision.

Year 11 revision sessions should be in full swing! One thing to bear in mind:

  1. Sessions should be lasting 3:15-4:15, which means you should be sending them off at 4:15.

Year 11 Attitude to Learning Scores.

A reminder that in the CIP we said that we would strive to assess A2L as accurately as possible. Please use the BLC 1-4 posters in your rooms to accurately assess students.

Autumn Fayre

This coming Friday is the Fayre please make sure you're organizing what you need so visitors have somethiing to do. If you need any extra supplies please let me know by Wednesday at the latest. Please speak to RFI if there are any problems on the run-up.

Feedback from learning walks.

If you're seen in a learning walk please go and get feedback from the observer they've got lots of valuable information that you might not always see. It's a great development activity.


This week's learning walks will be focusing on book looks.

Important Dates

15th October

P3 data due.

16th October

Autumn Fayre - directed time.