CR Annual Offsite Final Details

January 29th, 2016

Hello CR team!

I hope you are excited to get to spend some time together in beautiful Carlsbad, CA next week. We will be able to spend some quality time collaborating and working on planning out the rest of the year to allow for better support and collaboration for our Central Region Schools!

Below are the finalized details of our Annual Offsite Summit. Please read through the details of our Annual Offsite Summit and let me know if you have any questions.

Previous summit updates:

CR Annual Summit Updates-01.25.16

Thank you,

Kayla Mahoney

CR Annual Offsite Details


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CR Annual Offsite Event Plan

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Offsite Final Event Details

Action items:

Complete Pre-Work:

Don't forget to complete all pre-work for this summit and submit to the Pre-work One Drive folder.

Complete Contact Information:

Please fill out your contact information (i.e.-Cell phone number) to ensure we are able to get a hold of one another when we arrive.

Link to survey: Click Here

Arrival/Departure Information:

Arrival Plan: Monday 02/01/16

  • Jeanna and Tina will be driving to San Diego and will be picking all CR team members that will be flying into the San Diego Airport. Prior to picking everyone up, they will be picking up our groceries for the week.
  • Early arrival team members who will be flying can meet earlier at the Starbucks in Terminal 1 in the San Diego Airport and take the first carpool to the house with either Tina or Jeanna around 3pm. Late afternoon arrival team members who will be flying in will also meet at the Starbucks in Terminal 1 in the San Diego Airport around 4:15 pm. KM will be the last to arrive into San Diego at 4:05 PM.

Departure plan: Thursday 02/04/16

  • Jeanna and Tina will be carpooling all team members who will be flying back to the airport on Thursday, 02/04/16.
  • All CR Team Members who will be flying back home should depart the house at 11am in order to be dropped off for the earliest departure at 2:40pm.
  • *Heidi will have her own ride to the airport that evening and will not need a ride to the airport. *

House information:


  • The location of the house we will be staying is as follows:
  • 4485 Adams Street,
  • Carlsbad, California, 92008

WiFi Access:

  • The home is equipped with wireless internet. The network information to access the internet is as follows:
  • Network Name: Paradise Shores
  • Network Password: relax101

Parking Information

  • You may park your vehicles in the driveway in front of the garage door. Additional parking is available on the street. Access to the garage is prohibited as it is locked and used as storage for the owners.

A/C & Heating Instructions

  • There are two (2) thermostats in the home.
  • The first one is located on the top floor. It is on the wall next to the entrance to the Master bedroom.
  • The second is located on the lower level. It is on the wall just passed the pool table at the top of the stairs leading to the North East bedroom. The A/C is available at the upper floor level. Please note that there is no A/C available for the downstairs level.
  • Heat is available throughout the home via a central heating system.


  • There are two (2) gas fireplaces in the home. These fireplaces must be manually lit. The first one is located in the great room on the upper level. The second one is located in the Master bedroom. Begin by opening the screen so you may access the fireplace. Using a long lighter begin by lighting the lighter. Next, to the right of the fireplace there is a KEY to turn on the gas. Turn the KEY one (1) complete turn counter clockwise to turn the gas valve ON. Hold the lighter along the base of the fireplace until it lights. You may control the size of the flame by continuing to turn the KEY counter clockwise to INCREASE the flame, and turn the key clockwise to DECREASE the flame. Turn the KEY clockwise until it stops to turn the GAS valve OFF.

Outdoor Fire Pit

  • There are three (3) Outdoor Fire Pits located outside. The first is located next to the patio seating by the pool. The second and third fire pits are located on the private beach next to the outdoor seating.


  • You have the option of using two (2) gas BBQ's. The first is located on the balcony of the upper level overlooking the pool (propane tanks). The second is located on the lower level near the hot tub (hardline).


  • There are two (2) separate laundry rooms. The first is on the upper level to the left, up the small flight of stairs as you first enter the home. The second is located downstairs to the right as you conclude the stairs.

Trash & Recycle Bins

  • The trash and recycle containers are located in the driveway. Trash pick up is Monday.

When you arrive to the house:

  • Whichever carpool party arrives first to the house, please do a quick inspection of the property to make sure that there was no major damage done by the previous guests that we could be held liable for. If you do notice any serious damage to the property, this will have to be reported to the guest service department.
  • We will likely be arriving to the house close to dinner time. Team 1 is assigned to cook dinner the first night which consists of Spaghetti and Meatballs as the main dish. Team 1 will need to start getting the meal prepped when you arrive. The other team members should help put away groceries.
  • Monday night, Todd will be going over the details of the agenda for the following couple of days and then we will likely be able to enjoy our evening either playing a game of cards, playing Clue, watching a movie, etc.

Departure Logistics from the house:

Check out from the house is anytime before 11:00 AM to allow for the housekeeping staff as much time as possible to prepare the property for the next guests arrival.

  • Prior to departure, the following lists the items our team needs to take care of:
  • Start Dishwasher (if applicable)
  • Remove excess trash
  • Return furniture to original location
  • Make sure all doors are locked
  • Return key(s) back to the lock box (if applicable)

Teams for Chores & Cooking:

Each CR Team member has been assigned to one of three teams in order to allow for better organization and completion of chores. The following lists the members assigned to each team. Each team will be working together to complete tasks & chores they are assigned to. For further details on what tasks you or your team are assigned to, please refer to the Chore Schedule on the CR Annual Offsite Event Plan

  • Team 1: DF, KM, TL, WJ
  • Team 2: AE, JS, SW, TT
  • Team 3: HHM, JP, SS


Our team will be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the house each day except for the voted upon dinner out on Wednesday, February 3rd. Based upon the results of the restaurant survey, the majority of us voted to go out to Vigilucci's Italian Restaurant on Wednesday, February 3rd. Dinner reservations have been made for 6:30pm at this restaurant which is only about 7-10 minutes away from the beach house.

General schedule each day:

Below is the general schedule each day to allow you enough time for you to get up and do some morning activities/exercise if desired.

  • Breakfast will be scheduled at 8:00am
  • Lunch will be scheduled from 11:30am-12:30pm
  • Dinner will be scheduled around 6:00pm

Room Pairings:

There are a total of 7 rooms in the house. Below are the room pairings and room assignments for this upcoming Summit.

Top Level

  • King with bath (Jeanna & Susan)
  • King with bath and mattress (Sharon & Heidi)
  • King with bath and mattress (Jessica & Kayla)

2nd Level

  • Guest Rm 3 with 2 Queen and bath (Todd & William)

Lower Level

  • Guest Rm 4 King with bath (Tina)
  • Guest Rm 5 King with bath (Dolly)
  • Guest Rm 6 King with hall bath (Alan)

Meeting location:

Once we arrive to the house, we'll likely need to setup a couple of card tables (brought by Jeanna and Tina) to get a meeting space set up for our meetings each day.


Please plan your attire accordingly for weather that will be upper 50's to low 60's for most of the week in Carlsbad, California.


Plan to bring both active wear and business casual as there are many activities to do at the beach house.

See you on Monday!

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