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Dear Parents,

We had another exciting week! This one focused on buildings and construction sites. Our main focus for this 1st investigation is: What do we know about buildings?

We have been observing different kinds of buildings throughout the week and adding ideas to a board. Ms. Jasury and I will create a Documentation Panel outside our room to show our progress.

On Monday we examined two very different types of buildings and each child decided which one they liked the most. We used unifix cubes to get a visual perspective of numbers, and compared which building got the most votes.

After reading The Three Little Pigs, we asked them: Which would you use to build your house? And we got very interesting answers. Some of them didn't mind having their house blown down, as long as they could go to a friends' house...hahaha! Others wanted to have a strong house to get away from the wolf.

We also counted the doors and windows in our classroom, and found out we had a lot more than we thought!

Take a look at our activities and enjoy seeing their happy faces! I think this will be their favorite unit!

More or Fewer

This fun math activity explored the concepts of more, less, fewer, and equal. We used unifix cubes a spinner and numeral cards.

I invited children to join me in a small group activity. Each child got to explore the blocks and build towers of different sizes.

Then, we practiced recognizing numbers, quantifying and building. When everyone was ready, each child compared their block with a friend's.

Scat Singing

On Monday we learned about Scat. Scat singing is a different kind of singing because one uses sounds instead of words. We used an old video of Sesame Street where Hoots the Owl teaches Scat Singing. Kids looooved it!

After a while, everyone was creating amazing jazz up sounds.

The following song, an old classic, is a great way to practice scat singing with your child in the car.

Do you know that this special activity is related to phonological awareness? Well, yes it is!!!!

Scatman John - I'm a scatman lyrics

Let's Go Fishing

This week we brought water to our classroom. It was new and exciting! Children had to "go fishing" with their friends from the small groups.

Each group pretended to go on a fishing trip. They took turns and reminded each other about the "rules" to use the water pond and fishing poles.

It was lots of fun!

Alphabet Cards

Children were invited to explore the alphabet cards in pairs. We talked about the characteristics of upper case and lower case letters.
I randomly divided the cards among the children. I asked if they had each letter one by one and asked them to match them in the middle of the table.

It was a fun game to play in pairs, as children helped each other and worked as a team!


The Dramatic Center turned into a dinner party for this activity, We pretended to have friends over and had them cook and serve them. Each child prepared a meal made of delicious play dough. We discussed healthy choices and foods that are eaten only occasionally.

Changes Changes

This book without words features a little man and woman who inhabit a world made up entirely of building blocks. The blocks come in various shapes and colors red arches, orange beams, green logs which the man and woman use to build their very own two-story house. Things seem perfectly fine until the house catches fire, and the industrious couple must work quickly together to rearrange the blocks into a fire engine. The water from the fire engine's hose puts out the fire, but it also causes a flood, and the pair must again rearrange the blocks, this time into a sea-worthy steamship, which they sail to dry land. More arrangements of the blocks follow a cargo truck, a locomotive train before the man and woman finally build themselves a brand-new house.
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Constructions going on in our class

Read-Alouds, Rhymes, and Poems


  • Three Little Pigs
  • Changes Changes
  • Please, Mr. Panda


  • A Tree My Size

Snap Shots form our Centers!

Coming Soon!

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Conscious Discipline Workshop

Conscious Discipline Parent Workshops

Please plan to join us in the ES conference room to share, reflect, and learn together about Conscious Discipline, the behavior management program that is used in PK and kindergarten at ISP.

  • Wednesday, February 17 at 11:00 a.m. - Choices
  • Wednesday, March 16 at 11:00 a.m. - Positive Intent and Empathy
Wednesday, April 27 at 11:00 a.m. - Consequences


  • Spirit Week coming up!
  • Sister School Supply Drive
  • BBQ This Sunday!
  • No Toys Policy: please be reminded that children should not bring toys to school. If it is a special object for Show and Tell please send me an email with the date when your child will bring it.
  • Full Day Program for new students begin on Monday, February 1st
  • Carnival Break