Pool-Side Water Catcher

invented by Avery Hoopes

What is it?

Are you tired of having to pay expensive water bills to refill your pool? And don't you hate it when you accidentlally leave the hose on ALL NIGHT long? The pool side water catcher is a sereies of tiny drains that surround your pool and catch 70% of the water that hits them. They're itty bitty and out of sight and save you loads of hose re-fills! With kids playing and splashing there's no telling how much water you're loosing every hour they're out there. But, with this new device, the ground around your pool can catch the water that splashes out and send it directly back to the pool. These drains make it possible to save your water without having to worry about your water level running low. What's best is that you can have your Pool-Side Water Catcher installed even if you already have a pool!

But, is it affordable?

YES! We have gone out of our way to mkae this an affordable product that benefits you and the environtment. If you are currently building a pool then you are looking at a range of about $2500-$3700 for the surrounding pavement (it's relative to size of course). However by adding our one time price you're only looking at a small change in pavement range ($2700-$3900). This two hundred dollars can easily be repaid within only a few hot summers in Texas. With water bills of about $150 to $200 a month in a house without a pool imagine how much you're spending with one! Let us help you save money and live better.

Why should I?

We've already gone over the financial benefit of having a Pool-Side Water Catcher, so now let's look at it from a different perspective. One, with a way to drain water immediately back into the pool you'll no longer have to worry about the slippery edges! Also, our society is creating a water crisis. By installing a Pool-Side Water Catcher you can do your part to help save and reserve your water usage. So do what's right!