PEAMapalooza 2016

May 2, 2016

A long time ago, in a school district far, far away. . .

The Rennell Redhawks have been working hard to prepare a showcase of their talents for you.

Join us as we share all in all the amazing things our Redhawks can do.

May the Force Be With You!

Amazing Art!

Did you notice the banners hanging up behind the students? These are all hand drawn works of art created by each group of students. Mrs. Douglas had them draw a preliminary sketch of their ideas and they put them together on the banner. A second team of students came in and painted the banners.

T-shirt Art
Students that signed up for PEAMapalooza got a white t-shirt to tie up and prepare for dying. We were planning on having the students do each step from tying to dying, but since we had a week off, we just had the students tie them. The dying was left to Mrs. Douglas, Coach Bell and our guest teacher for the week, Ms. S. The shirts were then washed, dried and folded before giving them to the students to wear.

Each students' shirt came out with a different pattern than any others. They are truly unique, just like our Redhawks. The kids seemed to enjoy this art project, we may have to do it again sometime!

For the dye, we used a mix of 1 part acrylic paint to 5 parts water to create the dye. It is non-toxic and permanent. Since the shirts have been washed already, they should be set and not run. But, you may want to wash it by itself once just to be sure.

PEAM Vocabulary

In preparing for PEAMapalooza, we use a mixture of vocabulary and TEKS objectives from PE, Art and Music. It is truly a joint effort.

Placed near the grade level banners are vocabulary words the students learned and reinforced during our practice for the program. Go ahead, ask them about tinting, rhythm or teamwork! This program is a showcase of a small portion of the things we have done this year.


We want to thank several people and groups for their support as we prepared students for this showcase.
  • Mrs. Thomas and the administrative team, for their support and guidance.
  • The homeroom teachers for putting up with schedule changes, confusing pick-up/drop-off locations and excited kids at the end of class.
  • Beth Wade and the Berry Center staff for being an amazing group to work with and having a great facility for us to hold this showcase of talent.
  • The students for being so responsible, receptive and respectful. They have worked harder than I have ever seen kids work. We are amazed and in awe that they were able to do such a program with soundtrack music and no words. Our Rennell Redhawks are awesome!
  • Finally, we want to thank all the parents of our Rennell Redhawks! After requesting donations, we had an overwhelming show of support for our PEAM program, raising just over $1,500 to go toward the program costs and expenses.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all of you for your continued support of the PE, Art and Music Programs here at Rennell.

Go Redhawks!