Ancient Egyptian Merchant

By Sophie And Georgie

A day in the life of a Merchant

Merchants begin everyday in their brick houses. They wash themselves in the Nile and get ready. Then their wifes prepare a meal for breackfest.The merchants then puy on a wig of humen hair and vegtable fibres and put on a plain linon kilt finally he puts on his makeup and a pair of sandals.

Then the merchant gathers his goods in a basket to take to the market. He then goes into the village market it is a large open square men crouch with baskets full of fish, vegtables, fruit and other goods. Men wear pouches over their shoulders. The merchants find a spare spot and put down their baskets. Men and Women gather around the merchants to touch their goods and try and get a bargin.

Merchants then take a short breack for lunch and then begin trading again till the evening and head home for a dinner with their family.