Pre-k ready for Kindergarten by being able to write name

Leadership: A defination

1. Creates an inspiring vision of the future

2. Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision

3. Manages delivery of the vision

4. Coaches and builds a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision

(What is leadership?, n.d, para 7)

Change Leadership

"The ability to lead and manage others' growth while facilitating the process of change and transition in an organization" (Buczynski & Hansen,2014)

Understanding yourself

  • motivation
  • values
  • ethics
  • ability to make good decisions

In working with the pre-k classes, the teacher needs to understand what drives themselves in order to come up with techniques that will motivate the students to ensure that they are ready to move onto Kindergarten by being able to write their name. It is one thing to provide the material, the desire to use and learn the material needs to be installed in the children as well.

Understanding others

  • Cultural perspectives
  • assessing school culture
  • socially just
  • understanding and dealing with conflict

In order for the teacher to be able to reach the children in the classroom, they have to have an understanding of the students. Ensure that there is an equality in the room and be able to deal with issues that will come up with the use of the material and how the material is to be used. To ensure that the expectations are within acceptable ranges for the students to succeed and for them to want to succeed.


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