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Weekly Update- August 25, 2017

Week at a Glance

Reading- We started our Reading Workshop this week by setting up procedures that will help us as the year progresses.

Math- We started Unit 1 of our Bridges Math program last week. We focused on fact fluency with our addition table this week, specifically how we can use known facts to help us solve for unknown facts. We also learned that mathematicians call "turn around facts," the Commutative Property!

Science- We learned about our brain this week, and started our "brain journal!" Learning about the brain will help us with all future learning throughout the school year. Specifically- knowing that our brain can stretch and grow as we learn! We also learned about a solar eclipse this week and were able to watch it in the gym!

Social Studies- We've spent the first two weeks of school building our classroom community, and discussing what it means to be a community of learners. We also began our classroom economy system this week! See the information on this below.

Writing- We started organizing our Writer's Notebook so we can begin planting our seeds, or brainstorming topics to write about. Our numbered pages, table of contents, and mini-lessons section will help make our notebooks user friendly! :)

My Classroom Economy

This week we started our classroom economy system, and students were assigned their classroom jobs.

Read more about the economy system by clicking here.

Check out pictures of our "classroom crews" below!


This week we learned a lot about the brain, and specifically focused on how mistakes can actually help us learn. Check out some videos we watched this week:

Jo Boaler: Our Brains Grow and Change

Jo Boaler: Mistakes are Powerful

Gatorade Commercial

Famous Failures

Homework for Next Week!

Today your child will come home with their first homework assignment- Create a "Me Museum!" This is a fun activity that will help us learn more about our classmates.

This will be due on Thursday, August 31st. We will also present this day. Parents are welcome to attend from 3:00-3:30.

Click here for more information!

^^^This is also in your child's red homework folder!^^^

Snapshots of our Learning!