Coding 2

MP4 Week 1

Using Variables to Trigger Events

Output (graphics) & Processing (random numbers)

Watch the Virtual Lesson Recordings if you missed chat!
  • There is no Question of the Week!
Program a sprite to hide!
  • Output: graphic effects displayed on the screen
Program the life variable to trigger the car sprites
  • Processing: combine graphics and numbers
Next up: This week in chat!
  • Event blocks: Input from user or program

Hide & Seek

Virtual Lesson Recording: Last Week: 3/30

Programming a sprite to hide: output

Teleporting Ghost

Virtual Lesson Recording: Last Week: 4/6

Programming a sprite to randomly move around the stage: Processing

New to the course?

  • You do not need to complete this mission! I will be sending you a course information with a different mission to get started programming using Scratch!

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