News from Mrs. C's Room

Feb. 10-14th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Valentine's Day is coming and it got me to thinking about friendships, love, and enjoying life. I want you to know that I really enjoy the friendships in our classroom. This class is wonderful and they are so fun to work with. We have the best conversations and I love how they love to "think very hard" about things. They make my job a joy!

Things to Do/Remember:

1. Send in new or gently used stuffed animals for the Williamson County Crisis Intervention "Cuddles for Kids" campaign.

Class Wish List

-Thank you for all of the pencils!! We are set.

-any books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home would make great additions to our class library

Dates to Remember

Feb. 10-13th: Student Council is selling friendship bracelets (see flyer at bottom of page)

Feb. 14th: Valentine's Breakfast Party 9:45-10:45 AND Rainbow Loom Party!!

Feb. 17th: School Day

Feb. 18th: Picture Day!! (our time is 11:06-send in forms for group picture)

What We'll Be Learning...

Math: This week we’ll be looking at how to subtract double digits, add multiple numbers, and use 3 key questions to help us focus in on what a math problem is asking us to do. These key questions will be helpful as we move into more complicated and multiple step problems. The questions are: What do I know for sure? (circle those parts) What do I want to figure out? (underline this part) Are there any special conditions, rules or tricks? (cross out or star things)

Reading : This week we will continue our study of poetry. Students will learn how repetition and rhythm interact to create images in poetry. Through meaningful experiences, students will understand how authors use sensory language to create strong mental images. We will practice writing sensory details by using similes and figurative language.

Writing: As students study different elements of poetry, they will have the opportunity to create their own poems with repetition, rhyming and sensory language.

Science: Students will be learning that environmental factors can affect the growth and behavior of living things. For instance; dormancy in plants can be caused by decreased rainfall, temperature changes, or changes in daylight hours. Migration and dormancy, including hibernation, in animals can be caused by changes in temperature, precipitation, or daylight hours. Through a three day hands on investigation students will learn that animals have external characteristics that help meet their basic needs, such as fins helping a fish or wings helping a bird move and balance. Animals have behaviors that help them meet their basic needs, such as hunting, swimming, diving or flying. Animals use both external characteristics and behaviors to help meet their basic needs of air, water, and food.

Grammar: We'll be completely focused on verbs! We'll look at action and linking verbs.

Friendship Bracelets for Sale!!

Valentine Grams are coming to Sommer!

Sommer Elementary Student Council will be selling Valentine Grams on the mornings of Monday, February 10th through Thursday, February 13th. We will make a special delivery on Valentine’s Day for each Valentine purchased.

Student Council will have a table set up in the main hallway on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. They will be selling a Valentine’s themed fishtail rubber band and heart-trinket bracelets with a Valentine’s message. One Valentine’s Bracelet with a message will cost $2.00. There will only be a limited number of bracelets available, so get them while supplies last!

The Sommer Student Council will be using this money as a fundraiser to help pay for our annual leadership workshop and to complete service projects to better our school and community.

Please help support Sommer Elementary Student Council by purchasing a Valentine’s Gram!