Managing Job Stress and Fatigue

Join Us Tuesday, January 23 From 1PM to 3PM

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Do you feel emotionally drained at the end of the day? If so, you may be suffering from Compassion Fatigue.

Known as the “cost of caring," Compassion Fatigue describes certain emotions and behavior (e.g. stress, physical burnout and emotional exhaustion) that individuals sometimes experience as a result of hearing about and knowing about the traumatic experiences of others. Once Compassion Fatigue affects individuals, an organization begins to suffer when employees incorporate their symptoms into the workplace culture. Symptoms of Organizational Compassion Fatigue include: high absenteeism, turnover and attrition; excessive workers’ compensation claims and inability of staff to complete assignments or meet deadlines.

This session focuses on preventing Compassion Fatigue amongst individuals as well as improving the overall health of an organization. Our panel of experts will provide creative solutions to help employees eliminate stress, increase resilience levels and achieve work-life balance.


Ask the Expert serves the needs of City employees who seek expert advice on issues impacting work outcomes. You are invited to ask a question to be answered by our team of experts. Please submit your question to us through the below form.

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  • Medical professionals who care for the seriously ill or injured (e.g. physicians, nurses, emergency responders and veterinarians)

  • Caregivers who encounter victims of trauma or suffering (e.g. mental health practitioners, case managers, police officers and fire fighters)

  • Individuals working in helping professions who experience repeated exposure to distressed clients and customers (e.g. lawyers and librarians)

  • Family and friends of caregivers who experience stressful events or have first-hand knowledge of past traumas and painful situations

  • Employees who provide public services to citizens and those wanting to become familiar with ways to cope with and heal from workplace stress


Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 1-3pm

Learning & Development Center | 4501 Leeland Street Houston, TX 77023 | Auditorium

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