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MLA 8 is here!

MLA citations got an update this summer with the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook. Among the changes are an addition of the URL to all web based citations and clarification on citing Youtube videos, Tweets, and other electronic media. To see the difference between the two, click here. For a quickguide on different MLA citations, click here or visit the OWL Purdue site. Easybib is now MLA 8 compatible but there are some inconsistencies. The databases are not updated as of yet. Hopefully, all databases will be updated within the next month.

So, which should you use in your class?

This is up to you. My philosophy is that as long as students are citing sources, I wouldn't worry about whether they are using MLA 7 or 8. In a few months, when all the databases have updated and Easybib has been corrected, you can start to insist that students use MLA 8. But if you want to jump full force into MLA 8 now, go for it!

Speaking of Easybib...

Easybib has been purchased by Chegg, an online education support company. One of the major changes to Easybib is the addition of Easybib EDU. Easybib EDU adds addtional features to Easybib including APA, Chicago, and other scientific citation styles.

For more info on Easybib EDU click here.

Easybib EDU requires students and teachers to register using a coupon code. The coupon code for LHS is LegacCO162 .

If you/your PLC would like more info and how-to, please let me know and I be happy to show you how Easybib EDU can help you and your students.

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Helpful Website

Kiosko- Kiosko gives you access to the front page of thousands of International newspapers. Its great for World Language classes and anyone studying current events.

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