Wild Pets are Bad Pets

By: Anastazja Baltozer

Imagine you go to your friends apartment and they have a tiger as a pet, not only are you in danger but they are as well. You wonder why your friend has that kind of animal and honestly, so do I. I'm against having wild animals as pets.
Yes their cute, but not always nice. Do you have a snake, scorpion, or a poisonous frog? If so, did you know that a single scorpion bite untreated for twenty-four hours can cause death? Or people all over India die because of snakebites? Or that poisonous frogs cause many deaths through their skin? (Killer Pets) Their small but deadly! If you own any of those pets, you might die because you choose to have a wild pet when if you just had a regular cat or dog, you wouldn't have to worry about all those things!
Yes it might be fun, but not when you have to pay for it all! It's gonna cost you for food, extra room, and illnesses! Let's talk about food. Food is cheap for cats and dogs, but not for tigers and lions! Their gonna need lots and lots of meat daily. Make sure it's fresh! If you had a house cat that wouldn't happen! Extra room. It does not seem right for a lion to live in an apartment! It also doesn't seem fair, so you'll need all kinds of space!(Wild Pets) When your cat gets sick it's not that bad, but a tiger? You better hope money grows on trees!
What kind of diseases are in your odd pet? Could it be these three? Leukemia, HIV, or Renal failure. Yes, normal pets can have these illnessess but they have a lower chance of ever getting them. Did you know that you may get some of these? If so, you are putting yourself in danger! The sad part is you know it! Some of these are fatal, meaning death, not only to animals but to humans as well. If you care about yourself, you would buy a regular house pet.
You know, if you owned these two pets it wouldn't be so bad! A Taracula and Giant centipedes. Yes, I know, you might not like either of these animals, but hear me out. Giant centipedes bite, but don't kill, in fact, it hurts as much as a bee sting! Taraculas are the same way! If it were me, and I wanted an odd pet, I would pick these two animals. That are so easy to manage, it would be reasonable to get two!
If we all got normal pets, countless people could be saved and live longer! That's why I'm against having wild animals as pets. If you care about yourself and everyone around you, you would just simply buy a regular cat or dog from a adoption center or even from a trustworthy friend, and wouldn't have to worry about your safety, money, or having diseases!


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