Weekly Update

October 17-21

First in Math

First in Math will be arriving soon!! Woo hoo!! We will have access for all grades (K-6th) this year. There will also be a formative assessment. Please follow the link below for more information.


Notifications and Upcoming Events

*Kindergarten Green Meadows is Monday, October 17 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Students must wear a Merryhill shirt.

*Tuesday, October 18 is CiCi's Pizza Night.

*Wednesday, October 19 is Unity Day - wear orange accessories with normal uniform. All classes should make unity links that we will attach in the afternoon.

*Friday, October 21 is Spirit Day. Jeans may be worn with Merryhill shirts.

*Please make sure you close the gate on the playground when your class leaves. The buses are unable to park with the gate open.

*Please make sure you have checked DayForce and followed the instructions Michelle sent.

Preschool and Pre-K

*If you have not signed up for the Fall Festival, and are interesting in working, please turn the green form in no later than Monday, October 17. As a reminder, everyone's hours will be cut the week of the event.

Elementary Faculty Meetings

*Wednesday, October 19 lower elementary 7:30 am

*Thursday, October 20 upper elementary 7:30 am

Weekly Emails

*Kindergarten trip to Green Meadows 10/17 - all students will attend; no money is needed or allowed

*CiCi's Pizza Night 10/18 - CiCi's at Cooper and Mayfield

*Unity Day 10/19 - wear orange accessories with regular uniforms

*Spirit Day 10/21