Spanish 1 - Summer 2016

See what we will be doing...

Our Course

Students will be learning the basics of beginning Spanish... Basic conversation items, The Family, School, Pastimes, The Community, The House, Food and Shopping. Click the link to access our Schedule of Assignments to help your student/s keep up with the work we will be doing and monitor that they are turning in all their work. I suggest highlighting once they have done the assignment and then putting the grade beside it when they know it.

Students are better off studying 3-4 hours a day for this course in small blocks of 45 minutes to 1 hour at a time. The whole idea here is to get a good foundation for Spanish 2 from this course. They have to retain what they learn. So by processing the information multiple times a day they are feeding that information to their brains and will thus retain it longer.

Students can work ahead if they know they are going to be out for camp or vacation. If a student wanted to they could do the course in 6 weeks rather than 8.

I am excited to be working with your student and hope we all have a great experience together! Let me know if you have questions or concerns!!!

This first week of class students will be doing the introductory Getting Started Module and Unidad 1 - Conversación Básica. ... and here we go!!!!

Costa Rica - A Tropical Paradise

Required Live Class (RLC) - Online Webinar

Every unit and for the final exam - 6 total (GS, U1, U2-3, U4-5, U6-7, U8 & FE) - throughout our 8 week class, students are required to attend a live class where a teacher will present an overview of the unit and involve the students in using the language. They should have a microphone (built in or external is fine) to participate and get the most out of the opportunity. They can ask questions if they have any. These classes usually last 45 minutes to an hour. It has proven to be an effective way to work with students so they do have access to a live teacher. The calendar for the scheduled classes is in the Required Live Class module where they can find the questions they are to reflect on and submit for grading. Students can attend any teacher's class - it doesn't have to be mine - they find one that best fits their schedule. The calendar is set for the entire semester already so students can plan what will work best for them.

Want to Check on Your Student's Progress????


Please check your student's grades with him/her regularly and encourage him/her to resubmit writing (Escribir) and speaking (Hablar) assignments after reading/listening to the feedback I supply so they can improve their score. These assignments have 2 submissions.

Some things to keep in mind....

  • Students cannot pass the course without doing the end of unit projects. These take the place of unit tests. Students are given 2 options and are able to use their notes and vocabulary sheets to design a web-based project that shows off what they have learned. It is to their advantage to be creative and write as much as they can using what we have been studying and they have learned.
  • Students are not allowed to use outside resources - people included - or online translators to help them. Neither is aware of what they have or haven't studied and are capable of doing. If they need help, I am their best resource. They all have my phone number for calling/texting; they can chat with me during the day/evening or they can message me through our online messaging system in Canvas.
  • Some students just do the quizzes and hope to pass. Won't work!!! All work needs to be submitted - any attempt is better than submitting nothing.
  • When grading their written work, if a student leaves out part of the assignment or misses the boat completely I will give them between a 0 and a 50 as a red flag to grab their attention that they need to fix something after reading my feedback. Once students resubmit their work, I will regrade it and change their grade.
  • If students fall behind in their work I will email you or call you to let you know so we can get them back on pace.

Contact Me

I do have high expectations of them and expect them to always do their best and incorporate what they have learned in their English classes into what they are turning in to me - that means correct usage of grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. I firmly believe they should only submit their best work for me to see. I try to be very accessible to them should they need/want my help. I may not give them the answer immediately but rather try to guide and steer them to that answer so they see the process involved and then can logically reach a conclusion in a similar situation down the line.

Please feel free to contact me about any concerns you have or your student may express. I am here to help them be successful and learn as much as they can in this class.