The Boy Who Saved Baseball

BY: Makayla Shriver


The one thing that i learned was one team just doesnt depend on the best player.


Tom was the best character  because he was allways knew what to do. Him and Cruz both had so things to give to the team like the hit sim. The person i could realate Tom to would be chloe she allways knows what to do in situations like theis. He was very shy in the beginning. He wanted to save the baseball field so do the others like maria and Cruz.

my hero

My hero  was cruz he was the one that helped the team out alote . He helped them get there confidence to know how to hit.With the hit sim game he taught them how to do that and how to have confidence in theirself. He did just that they had so much confidece in themselves they won the game. But right before the game Cruz left. I would give him that title because he was a good sport to they others.


The most exiting thing was that when they went to Del Gatos house. They tore down the entire wall that surrounded his house.When he came out he was calm and asked what did they need from him. They asked if he knew the secret of hitting. He told them about the big game and how they think he should coach for him.