Tech Integration Update

Useful stuff from Brian...

Today's Training at the JRSR High

Today's training will be split up into two sections:

2:00-2:40 Canvas. The primary focus will be introducing new teachers to our LMS, but you are welcome to join if you feel you need a refresher on the basics.

2:40-3:00 PowerTeacher Pro. I'm sure everyone has heard from Matt regarding the new gradebook. In all honesty, it looks a little different but functions in nearly the same way. I like to compare the change to getting a new phone. You have to play with it a little bit, but everything is in nearly the same place and does nearly the same thing.

All are welcome. Come get what you need. If you feel like you missed something, I'll be around to help out.

Canvas Tips (Can also be found in the "CN Jr/Sr High Information Central" course)

Beginning of the Year/Semester Canvas Tips

Cross Listing (combining multiple sections of the same course)

1. Open the first section of that course in your day.

2. Copy the four digit number at the end of the URL. (web address)

3. Go back to your dashboard

4. Open the second section of the course

5. Click "settings"

6. Click the "sections" tab

7. Click the blue section (it is the title of the course)

8. Click "cross list this course"

9. Paste the four digit code in the second box (it's a smaller box)

10. Hit enter (the course title should appear below)

11. Click the "cross-list this section" button.

12. Repeat steps 4-11 for your remaining sections of the course.

Set your Homepage

1. Click "pages" within the course

2. Click "view all pages" (if you already see a list of all of your pages, skip this step)

3. Locate the page that you want to be your home screen on the list

4. Make sure the cloud next to the page is green. Click the cloud to change it to green if needed. (this publishes the page)

5. Click the gear icon

6. Click "use as front page"

7. Go back to the course's home screen

8. On the right, click "choose home page"

9. Choose "pages front page"

Import Content from Last Year/Semester

1. Open the course that you want to add the content to

2. Click "settings"

3. Click "import course content" (on the right)

4. Click the content type dropdown

5. Select "copy a canvas course"

6. Fill in the responses

7. Import

Note: If you select specific content instead of the whole course, the select content option will appear next to the job under the current jobs list.

Coaching Cycles at CN Primary and CN Elementary

I wanted to take a moment to elaborate on the coaching cycles that both Robby and Jared mentioned in their past emails. These cycles will start the week of August 20th. CNP will meet on Thursdays and Fridays. CNE will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays. I will start with the lowest grade level in each building and add a grade level into the cycle, one at a time, until every grade is in the cycle.

Here is what the cycles will look like:

Week 1: Introduction to something new (Meeting)

Week 2: Modeling, Co-Teaching, or Observing (No Meeting)

Week 3: Debrief (Meeting)

Then it starts all over again!

Here are the first set of dates to keep track of. These initial dates should get the cycles rolling.

Monday 8/20: 3rd Grade Intro Meeting

Thursday 8/23: Kindergarten Intro Meeting

Monday 8/27: 4th Grade Intro Meeting

Thursday 8/30: 1st Grade Intro Meeting

Tuesday 9/4: 3rd Grade Debrief

Wednesday 9/5: 5th Grade Intro Meeting

Thursday 9/6: 2nd Grade Intro Meeting

Friday 9/7: Kindergarten Debrief Meeting

You may be thinking "Whoa! Hold up Brian, I see a Wednesday in there!" As we all know, conflicts happen. When scheduling issues arise, I will reschedule around them to the best of my ability. I will try to let you know of any changes as soon as they are brought to my attention.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. I check it frequently. I will be sharing more detailed information during the first meeting. Enjoy your first full week (and a day) with the kiddos!