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Protein Complete

Pure Protein Complete was released at Convention 2015. I added it to my order with my middle son in mind who has some food limitations. I am always looking for a quick, easy option for breakfast to add to our toolbox to mix it up a bit. Fast forward a few months and my husband was referred by his doctor to a program our local hospital has that utilizes meal replacement shakes to help individuals reach various health goals. He also was sent to a class to help him understand how he can eat to help him maintain optimal blood sugars.

We decided to take our Pure Protein Complete along with us to have the dietician evaluate and see if it would be a good choice for him to use. The dietician gave it a thumbs up. We have now incorporated it my husband’s daily routine. He has one for breakfast four days a week. He stays full through lunch time.

For breakfast we use 2 scoops of pure protein complete. Some days we mix it up 1 scoop of each some days straight Chocolate or Vanilla Spice. Super simple. 2 scoops of Pure Protein Complete, ½ cup plain or vanilla greek yogurt, ½ cup fruit topped off with water.

My kids beg for them. Great yummy goodness. They make an excellent afternoon snack after school that helps tide them over till supper time. Rarely any is left. Typically you will hear that slurpy noise when the straw says all done and then the extra sucking to make sure you got it all!

Pure Protein Complete. Oil-infused, no trans-fat, rBGH-Free Whey, Soy-Free, & High in protein. In fact 5 different types and 25 gm in 1 serving. Also has elevATP and essential amino acids for the body.

Resa Armstrong - Missouri

21 Days In a Box

Revive Seven launched this new Facebook event in October. It has been led by one of our wonderful leaders, Resa Armstrong. Each month we begin the event for all those new to Young Living that became members the previous month. This is a closed group and as a member all you need to do is to make sure your new member is one of your Facebook friends, then check with your upline support to make sure they have been added to the group. If you have not had an opportunity to participate in this event and would like to do so, please let your upline know. Encourage your new members to not only read the daily post, but also to participate in the activities. We do give prizes!
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Digestive Enzymes

Learn more about digestive enzymes with Kelle Gibson!
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