Andrew Jackson

The Hero

The Spoils System

Jackson created the spoils system giving the US President the ability to fire government officials and in their place hire their supporters from their election. It is a good way to repay all of your supporters instead of kicking them to the curb after they had helped you get elected.

War of 1812 Battle of New orleans

After Andrew Jackson had been the war hero of the Battle of New Orleans in 1812 that is when his name really got out in the country. Though the treaty had already been signed it was a huge accomplishment to beat England because of their bigger and stronger army.

"Jacksonian Democracy" (expanded suffrage)

The Jacksonian Democracy allowed the common White man to vote along with the wealthy so that not just the rich white men got a say in who the President was. Since Jackson had grown up as a "common man" he thought that the common man deserved the right to vote just as much as the wealthy.

Political Cartoon

Jackson is in a collapsing chair next to a falling column saying "altar of reform" where a donkey with wings is standing on it's back legs holding a broom. In the background are 9 resignation documents. The heads of the rats represent cabinet members. Jackson had a great deal of corruption in his administration.