Videogame design

Science tech engenering and mathematics

Job duties

  • Codes videogames
  • Programs videosgames
  • Designs videogames
  • Create settings for games
  • Draw out the characters and animate them

Work environment

You will be working in an office most of the time

Hours worked

Bassically you work twenty four seven and take your work home


Per hour:44.27

Per year:55,186


you get to make a lot of money and you get to make fun videogames


highschool diploma or bachlors degree

personality characteristics

  • smart
  • have really good grades
  • be a good worker

advice for some one who wants this job

  • dint screw around in school
  • get good grades


  • good money
  • its fun
  • easy if you can do it


  • hard when you first start
  • takes forever
  • confusing