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  • Made from the seeds of the Theobroma Cacao Tree
  • Earliest documentation of chocolate was around 1100 BC
  • Domesticated for about 3000 years in Northern South America, Mexico, and Central America.
  • Very popular in Mesoamerica, people would use cacao seeds for rituals and also for chocoalte beverages known as Xocolatl

Improvements and Changes in Chocolate

  • Chocolate was changed drastically when the Europeans came and added two ingredients that were unknown to the Native Americans; the Europeans added sugar and milk
  • By adding extra ingredients to sweeten and fatten it, it became very popular around the world
  • However, Cadbury's emulsification process enabled chocolate to become solid, which enabled chocolate to be preserved

Where are Cacao Seeds Produced?

  • The world greatest producer of cacao seeds is Cote D'Ivoire or the Ivory Coast
  • They produce half of the world's cacao seeds
  • Cacao seeds are produced in West Africa, and places in the Caribbean and South America

Bulk-Reducing Industry

Chocolate would be called a bulk-reducing industry for many reasons

  • Cacao seeds are gathered from the Theobroma Cacao tree, and transporting the Cacao tree costs a lot to transport long distances
  • Placing the factory near the trees helps minimize costs of transporting goods
  • The cacao seeds then can be transported to the sea to be shipped to chocolate factories
  • This process helps minimize costs and maximize revenues

Spread of Chocolate Around the World (Diffusion)

  • Chocolate was spread to many places around the world through relocation diffusion when European people colonized many places
  • In some areas like America and Europe, chocolate diffused primarily by contagious diffusion because many people ate chocolate like a delicacy

How is Chocolate Made?

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Chocolate Today

  • America's biggest provider of chocolate is Hershey
  • Hershey mass produce their chocolate using machines (Industrial Revolution)
  • Hershey import cacao from other countries and use other ingredients to make a delicious candy bar

Interesting Facts About Chocolate

  • Manufactures of chocolate use 40% of the almonds and 20% of the peanuts around the world
  • American manufactures of chocolate use 1.5 billion pounds of milk and consume only 3.5 million pounds of milk per year
  • The word chocolate come originates from the Aztec word Xocolatl, which means bitter water
  • An average american eats 22 pounds of candy per year, whereas Europeans eat far less