Your Rights and Responsibilities

How to stay safe online

Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a child you are entitled to certain rights, but you also have certain responsibilities. If you are under 16 then you are under the age of consent this means that you may be prosecutted for any type of sexual act. Howevr if you are bieng harrased then you are entitled to report them and they may be prosecutted or even imprisoned. However, you must still always be careful about what you are doing online. Even if you are bieng bullied you can report and the person bullying you may be in troulbe and get a criminal record. However you must stop it as soon as possible before it gets out of hand.

Your Responsibilities

Criminal Responsibility

As soon as you are ten years old then you are responsible for any criminal act that you commit. This can be anything from shoplifting to an unlikely murder. But for anything you commit which is against the law then you can be prosecutted and get a criminal record. This will affect you if you are going for job interviews, university applications or anything else. They will know that you have commited a criminal act. Even if it's cyberbullying which IS against the law.

The Age of Consent

The age of consent in the UK is sixteen. If you commit any sexual act before you are sixteen then you can be prosecutted. If someone over the age of consent commits a sexual act with anyone under the age of consent, they will probably be prosecutted without any defence and can be registered on the sex offenders list with a criminal record. Even if both people are under theage of sixteen they can be prosecutted and have a criminal record.


Cyberbullying is a serious and cowardly form of bullying. It is bullying over some communication device, whether it be a phone, email or a social networking site. It is bullying using technology. It is a form of cowardly bullying as you are doing it over a device which is a lot easier than saying face to face with someone. However, it is something that you can very easily be prosecutted for.


Any sexual image that is sent from one person to another is sexting. Sexting is illegal if you are under the age of eighteen. It doesn't matter who you are or who it is with it is illegal if at least one of the people are under the age of eighteen.

Your Rights

Under sixteen

If someone under the age of sixteen is being touched sexually or being asked to do a sexual acv by anyone has the right to report and prosecute that person. It is against the law.

Under thirteen

Anyone being sexuallty touched or being asked to do a sex favour and is under the age of thirteen. Has the right to report the person, will be prosecutted in court without any defence whatsoever, no matter how old the person is.


If anyone is harrased because of there ethnicy, race or sexuality, it is against the law and the person can be prosecutted.

Making Contact

An adult who tries to have a relationship[ with a young person (probably sixteen) is breaking the law and can be prosecutted.

Social Networking Sites

Staying Safe

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a brilliant way to contact people and talk to them. However, if you are not careful about who you talk to and what you do on the sites, you casn get into lots of trouble and may find yourself being abused, blackmailed and harrased by other people.

Who do you talk to

On social networking sites, you should only talk to people that you know. Don't talk to people that you don't really know. You should really be using social networking sites like Facebook to talk to your friends and family .

Who to Accept

Only accept people that you know. If you get a friend request from someone or something asnd you don't know who they are, don't accept them. You have no idea what you could be getting yourself into if you do. You could really end up in lots of trtouble because of it as well.

What to do for Help

If you feel like you are uncomfortable on a site or someone is being mean or is acting weird towards you and you want it to stop contact the sites administrator and report them. If it is a lot more serious, like someone is trying to blackmail or abuse you, report them to CEOP.

Uploading Pictures

Only upload pictures that you’d be happy for your parents to see. Anything that you would not show to your parents should be on any social networking site. You don’t know who could be looking at it or what they might be doing with it.

Never post your phone number or email address on your homepage. Think about it why would you you post this information when you can message a person privately using your social networking site.

Don’t post pictures of you or anyone else wearing school uniform, because if dodgy people see your school badge, they can work out where you are and track you down. The more quiet you are, the lesstrouble you can get yourself into.

Tick the “no pic forwarding” option on your settings page, this will stop people forwarding your pictures to anyone without your consent.


Never give away too much in a blog. Yes you can tell some things but don't give away too much because you don't know who is reading your blog.