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What is Google+?

Google+ is a social network that builds off of your Google Account. If you have a Google Account, you can activate your Google+ account as easily as you would activate Google Now.

At first, it seems about the same as Facebook or Twitter, importing contacts and assigning them to circles — Google+'s version of lists. After that, you can add curated circles for your particular interests, entertainment, news, sports, etc. That said, the first big difference is that Google+ isn't reliant on any of those real-life contacts you import.

Education connection: I went into Google+ with none of my co-workers, colleagues or associates or even friends on the site. That's right, none. And that was perfectly fine, because my feed is not clogged with baby pictures and engagement announcements like Facebook is. It's filled with what I focus on at work: instructional strategies, best practices and resources.Because those are my interests and my passions, and that is a big part of what Google+ is for at work, school or home. It's connecting you to other people who are interested in your passions.

How do I join Google+?

Tutorial: How to Join Google+; Use Basic Features, and Participate in Hangouts (Video Chat).

How Can I join a Google+ Community?

How to Join Google+ Community

Let's Join Raymond Academy's Google+ Communities!

Don't forget to download the app to your digital device!

You can download the Google+ app to your Android or Apple devices! Quickly attach photos, documents, and videos to your Google+ profile, circles and communities in one click!

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