technology rules for parents

by gurkarn

parents should not click on random popups

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clicking on adds or pop ups is always a bad idea because they just want personal info. even if they say they will give you an ipad or xbox for free do not trust them.

do not text or call wile driveing

Don't text and drive (a must watch 30 second Public Service Commercial)

parents should never ever text or call while driving because it is super dangerous it can cause injury or even death

PLEASE DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE--(Warning graphic)

do not give away personal info

it is very very important you do not give away any personal info like your name,address, phone-number or day of birth.

Do not share your personal informations on the internet by David Lee

never share your password

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If you share your password some black hatters can take all the money in your bank account and that's never a good thing if they do not do that they will diffidently black mail you and tell you they have a video or picture and they will post it if you do not do what they want

never spend to much time online