The GeeWhiz®

Products for Male Urinary Incontinence

Today millions of people worldwide are affected by urinary leakage. A man faces eight urinary problems throughout his life. The GeeWhiz catheter helps you and gives products and advice on how to solve these problems every day. We have more, long experience in the production of protections for men suffering from various bladder problems. You can use our Adult Disposable Diapers if you are letting out large amounts of urine. To begin, select the section that matches your needs.

The GeeWhiz catheter offer a range of Male Incontinence Products according to degrees of absorption and sizes so you can find the protection that will offer you all the confidence and sought comfort, and regardless of your activities. Our absorbent products offer protection and comfort since both are adapted to the male anatomy, with adhesive tape that firmly hold them in place and a super absorbent center from the Dry Fast Core. Our Protective Men Incontinence Underwear also comfortable that you can wear like your regular underwear, you will feel totally confident.

If you think constantly leaks and odors, it will poison your life. So choose the Products for Urinary Incontinence that tailored to your needs and set aside those worries. You will find that it is absolutely not necessary to give up your hobbies like watching a hockey game, a picnic with family or playing golf all day. Just use specifically designed protections against male incontinence because they are adapted to the anatomy of men. If this is your case, if you are caring for a loved one, or if you are a healthcare professional then visit our website, you will find information all about urine collection devices.