Wilds Weekly

Even the Invalids of the Wilds need to be informed

Feature Article: Should We Start a Rebellion?

Ever since the cure was invented, us "invalids" have always debated over a major issue . Should we bind together and take down the cure or just keep to ourselves? There have always been talk of a full on war, but do to a shortage of supporters, we only end up with small acts of rebellion. Now the numbers have increased majorly and rumor has it a group is being formed to take over the government. Todd Leed, who just escaped after his cure was unsuccessful, tells us that he saw a gathering of over 300 Invalids chanting, "Death to the Cure! Death to the Cure!" The young man could hear their cries from a mile away. Up until now, the Uncured of the Wilds have been able to stay neutral. But if there really is an uprising, we will be forced to pick sides. The two choices are: Side with the rebels and you face a long and bloody war, but you also get the chance of ridding the country of the cure, OR run away from the problem and depending on the outcome of the war, start another "Wilds" or come back as a traitor. Two completely different paths. One decision. So when the time comes, what will you choose?
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Advice Column by Freeman: Save the Girl!

Dear Freeman:

I'm in love. This girl is amazing, kind, sweet, funny, beautiful, and so much more. Good thing I'm in the Wilds right? Problem is she lives inside the fence and is about to undergo the procedure. I'm pretty sure she loves me too. I want to help her escape, but is it worth the risk? I couldn't live with myself if she was killed or thrown into Crypts. I've mentioned taking her back to the Wilds with me, and although she doesn't turn the offer down, she just looks at me with a guilty face and sad eyes. Her and I have been outside the fence once before so I know it's possible to make it out. To wrap it up, should I break her out or leave her? Thanks!

-One Conflicted Lover (Alex)

Dear Lover Boy:

Are you sure you're an Invalid? To me, helping her escape is the very obvious answer. I mean I understands your lives are on the line but could you stand knowing you let her turn into an emotionless zombie? And if you already risked it once, doing it again shouldn't be that difficult. Most people in the Wilds would be more than willing to help you two lovebirds. So go on, knight in shining armor, and save your damsel in distress!


Broken Rules or a Broken Heart?

In Lauren Oliver's book , Delirium, Lena has been told her entire life to admire the cure and fear love. But what if it’s the other way around? In this film about self-discovery, 17 year old, Lena Haloway, starts out counting down the days until the cure. The cure for love. It’s the future and love, now known as amor deliria nervosa, is a deadly disease and the government has created a treatment for it. In a world where hanging out with the opposite sex is a crime and dreaming is bad, good girl Lena finds herself doubting the rules. She is now sneaking out to parties with her best friend Hana and running around with the mysterious Alex (yes- a boy!). As her procedure gets closer and closer, Lena wonders if the cure is really the key to eternal happiness. Then Lena learns something that she never imagined and her world is turned upside down. Follow our heroine in this breathtaking movie as she realizes where there is love, there must also be sacrifice.

“I'd rather die my way than live yours.” ― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Poem of the Week

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This week, Lena goes on a daring and dangerous adventure..............

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