BY: Leia Philbrick

WANTED: Asta's Son Reward: 60 shrillings

Lord Furnival is giving away 60 shrillings to whoever can find Asta's Son within the next 2 weeks. All you need to do is find him kill him and bring him to either John Aycliffe or Lord Furnival. Asta's Son has been accused of stealing money from the manor, and wine for the church. We have spotted him with Father Quinel in the church. He might be hiding. Please try to find him and make him surrender.

Wanted: Asta's Son

Tuesday, Jan. 14th 1377 at 12am to Saturday, Feb. 1st 1377 at 12am

England, United Kingdom



12 am. Find Asta's Son at the Bank by the cross line/ Pray

2 am. Find Asta's Son in the Church / Pray

4 am. Find Asta's at Lord Furnival's Manor / Pray

6 am. Sleep / Pray

8 am. Sleep / Pray

10 am. Pray

Repeat at P.M. and A.M.