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A weekly newsletter for DL Families - November 13, 2020

Q3 Instructional Commitment Process

3rd Quarter Instructional Commitment Form

From Monday, November 9 through Friday, November 20, the 3rd Quarter Instructional Commitment Form will be open. Families have the opportunity to select the in-person model or distance/digital learning model for the third nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year. If you make the selection for the in-person learning model, you will not have the option to transition to distance learning until the fourth nine weeks. If a selection is not made by the parent or guardian, the default selection will be to return to school in-person for the third nine weeks.

For elementary school students choosing the distance/digital learning model, the school system is planning to utilize Accelerate Education and instructional support from OCS teachers. Please visit the OCS Accelerate webpage to learn more. Students will be enrolled in self-paced, on grade-level, online classes through an online learning management system called Accelerate Education. While an OCS teacher will provide some support to K-5 students whose parents choose the distance learning model, the teacher assigned may not be the teacher that the student would have if enrolled in in-person instruction or a teacher assigned to your child’s school.

Please note that your student’s ID code is required to fill out the 3rd Quarter Instructional Commitment Form. A separate form needs to be filled out for each child you have enrolled in Oconee County Schools.

Thanksgiving Fitness Fun

Dove Creek PE Teacher, Mrs. Crystal Melton, has shared a very special Thanksgiving Fitness Fun Activity Page. Thanks, Coach Melton!

DL Student "Shoutouts"

Upcoming Events

  • 75th Day of School - Nov 20
  • Q3 Commitment Form Closes - Nov 20
  • Thanksgiving Break - Nov 23-27
  • Science Fair Projects Due to Home School - Dec 14
  • End of Q2 (90th Day of School) - Dec 18
  • Holiday Break - Dec 21-Jan 4