ir! on sale!!

By: Hakim Haynes


Hey parents, do you have trouble getting your kid to be obedient? Well we have a solution! Buy the new and irreplaceable prefix. Every parent with an out of control child wants it. The only thing that can compare to the prefix Ir is a peaceful, happy, and joyful family. This is the best solution to a disobedient child.


When you see the prefix Ir you cant stop starring. With its outstanding results and leader-like tone it is destined to do what it is made to do.


There was a mom named Sarah and her son John. The boy John never obeyed his mother. Every time the mom told him to do something he refused and ran away. So the mom stopped telling him what to do. They attended multiple counselling sessions, but none of them helped. It got worse and worse every day. Then the mom had enough and went off on the child yelling gibberish and then she said he was an irresponsible, irregular, irrational, irrecoverable little brat. Then the boy was scared of his mom and always did what his mother told him to do.