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A New Technique for ELA, Science, and SS:

Copying vs Note Taking: Read, Cover, Jot, Reread

Let's admit that it can be hard to teach students how to take notes. We often find students copying the text word by word. It's important that we teach students the difference between copying and note taking and explain to them why note taking is so important. In elementary and middle school, I never understood what to do when the teacher kept coming by my desk and telling me to stop copying the book. I had to learn the difference on my own.

Chris Lehman uses a technique in his classroom titled: "Read, Cover, Jot, Reread" to help students understand how to take notes. What's great about this technique is that it teaches students to process what they are reading and promotes a high level of engagement.

See It In Action: Demonstration Lesson in a Third Grade Class

I had the pleasure of going into Donna's third grade classroom and working with her students on "Read, Cover, Jot, Reread" as they are getting ready to research arctic animals. If you click below on the link "Swivl Cloud" you will have access to view this mini lesson. You will see that there is a high level of engagement with the texts and we work through this technique with gradual release of responsibility. Tomorrow her students will practice this same technique with a website and then they will begin their own research project. After researching, students will turn their research into a Type III writing.

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