Coleman's Colony- Central Texas


Benefits to Living in Central Texas:)

1. New settlers don't have to pay taxes for 10 years.

2. Fertilized soil to grow crops and raise livestock.

3. The land is more affordable.

4. The amount of rain received can help grow crops and prevents droughts.

Colonization Laws

  1. Foreigners coming to Texas to Settle must present certificates from the religious authorities of their former homes testifying to their membership in the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Immigrants coming to Texas must present proof of good moral character. No people of loose habits or criminals will be allowed.
  3. No slave traders will be allowed to come to Texas. Slaves may be brought in, but the children of slaves will be given their freedom when they are fourteen. Upon the owners' death, one- tenth of his slaves will be freed except in cases in which that death occurred by poisoning or assassination at the hand of the slave.
  4. No foreigners will be allowed to settle within 1- leagues of the coast or 20 leagues of a national boundary except by special permission of the legislature.
  5. No settlers will be allowed to trade with Indians in arms and ammunition.
  6. Towns will be formed on sites deemed most suitable by the authorities.
  7. Colonists who arrive first will be given priority.
  8. Agricultural workers and those persons with mechanical skills are especially welcome over those without agriculture or mechanical skills.

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