Roald Dahl Mystery Murder??

Local School boy Almost killed a lady!!!


Yesterday afternoon a bunch of local school boys thought it might be funny to put a rat in the gobstoper bucket. Four boys entered the store one was distracting Mrs Pratchet by buying candy while another boy named Roald Dahl inserted the rat into the gobstoper bucket. They thought that it was just a joke and no harm would be done because they haven’t done it before they did not notice the consequences. Once Mrs Pratchet walked in the store she was open for business like every other day but she didn’t notice the rat. When a small boy asked for a gobstopper she reached in the bucket and grabbed hld of the rat, she screamed nearly having a heart attack. Roald Dahl in fear of killing Mrs Pratchet ran away and did not come back. luckily Mrs Pratchet survived the incident. Roald Dalh is still missing he is no where to be found!!!!

If you have seen roald dahl please contact the closest police office , the morning news or call 1800534912