colonial times

homes,games,food, and living


The homes were built very different than from today.

Materials used for building :

  • Mud
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Wood


The foods they ate during colonial times were:

  • Handmade bread
  • Fresh fish that they caught
  • Butchered cattle
  • Slaughtered pig
  • Fresh eggs

School during colonial times

Young girls usually learned at home with the mothers (homeschool)

Young boys usually worked out in the field with the other men of the family instead of learning book work.

Rarely there was a school house that children went to.

Play time for children during colonial times

Activities outside for children in colonial times include:

  • blind mans bluff
  • cats in the cradle
  • hide and seek
  • anything outside


Living colonial style include:

  • Farming
  • Cleaning
  • Working
  • Learning