Methods of Control & Extermination

Paragraph 1

Where the exterminated many people was in concentration camps.They used methods such as overdosing and starvation.the event was Hitler executed or killed many jews

Paragraph 2

The people that were involved Hitler and Jews.Jews were the people Hitler killed he killed alot of people he took the jews away and sent them to concentration camps.Many died from starvation but sometimes they used other methods to kill the poor jews.It affected the jews,because during the time they wer being taken away it was tough times for them many of them went itno hiding and had shortages of food,water and other supplies.

Paragraph 3

My conclusion to this event is it is a very bad time for jews.Millions of jews were killed by Hitler.They jews were controled in concentracion camps and were exterminated if not starved in the camps

Hayden Lewis

Englis 8-6


March 20th