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The Copeland PTO Newsletter

President's Corner by Cree Sanford

Spring is such a busy time of year, but there are only 4 more weeks of school left. Can you believe it?! The school year has gone by so quickly. At our last general PTO meeting the nomination committee presented a slate of new officers for openboard positions (Treasurer, Cultural Arts, Social Media). The slate was presented and approved! The Executive PTO Board for the 2017-2018 school year will be:

Cree Sanford – President

Karen Thomas – Vice President

Amanda Ball – Cultural Arts

Molli Murray -VIPS Coordinator

Miranda Daniells – Fundraising

Hollie Tanguay – Treasurer

Lakishia Edwards – Social Media Chair

Cynthia Miller - Secretary

I’d like to give a special thank you to Lesia Linton, Carrie Hernandez, and Cynthia Miller for taking on the task of being our nomination committee. You ladies did a fantastic job!

Before you know it, the new school year will begin again in August. Soooo, don’t forget to order your school supplies for next year at .Your child’s supplies will be in their classroom for the first day of school.

We still have a few remaining chairman positions to fill for the 2017-2018 school year. These programs can’t run without chairman! If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact me to let me know! We need your help to keep Copeland an A+ school!

Copeland’s Field Days are fast approaching. They will be held on May 18th and 19th. Please be sure to get with your Homeroom Coordinator to see what items will be needed in order to make your child’s Field Day a huge success!

Thanks again for all that you do! And as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding your PTO at .

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PTO Executive Board

VIPS News by Molli Murray

We are really close to the end of school! But we still need volunteers! We are already on the lookout for HRCs next year. If you are interested, please let me know so I can contact you at the beginning of next year. However, this year is still going! There are still more STAAR events, field days, and much more! We will be doing Teacher Appreciation week the first week of May. Please keep an eye on your inbox for letters from your HRC. I’ll be putting information about field days in the next newsletter. If you want to volunteer, but aren’t sure where to start, please get in touch with me!

Here is the link to come help “Chalk The Walk”. We are looking for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade parents, but anyone can help! I will have lists of inspirational messages. If you can only come for 5 minutes and get one phrase in, it’s better than nothing. Also, if there is inclement weather that Sunday, I will adjust time and possibly date.

Also, here is a link to volunteer at spirit cart which will finish out the year! We still have a few spots left on May 12th. If you want to volunteer and it’s full, please contact Crystal Beard @

Please pay attention to the month and time for which you are signing up.

Please make sure if you sign up you are able to come, or change if you can’t. We are depending on you if you sign up!

Don’t forget to log your hours!!

If you haven't registered before go to this link (takes about a week to get login):

And then this one to log:

If you have any questions or comments regarding our VIPS program or would like to volunteer, please contact me at 713-829-0638 or

This is the registration form you will be asked to fill out when you register.

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Volunteer of the month

Thank you Cheri Villarreal for all your hard work!

Fundraising by Miranda Daniells

Has your child been talking about this semester’s read-a-thon fundraiser, the Copeland Colts BookFit Bowl? This 9-day program kicked off on April 24th. Throughout the program, students will read each day, at home and at school, to complete 30-35 “Reading Challenges” while also getting pledges to help our school. Students can receive pledges for each Reading Challenge from friends and family across the country and around the world.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 for updating the library, so we asked the fundraising experts at Boosterthon to power our BookFit Bowl, making our fundraiser simpler, more profitable, and more fun. Their high-energy team will be on campus each day encouraging your students to develop a love of reading through the BookFit character content.

Finally, we’ll celebrate with the BookFit Bowl on May 3rd. It’s a fun trivia game show where teachers pick the questions (based on current classroom content) and students dominate the answers. You’re invited to come and cheer on your amazing student!

Remember, all pledges fund our beloved Copeland library and the entire 9-day experience. Please help our school by reaching out to friends and family!

Thank you for supporting our school!

Spirit Shirts by Amanda Ball

Want to show that Copeland pride? There were a few extra spirit shirts & hoodies ordered so get your order in soon if you would like one. You can print the order forms here,

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Spirit Cart by Crystal Beard

The next spirit cart date is May 12th. Its the last one of the year!

Thank you!

Crystal Beard

Some of the items avalible for purchase on Spirit Cart days.

Precious PreK and PPCD by Mollianne Murray

Thanks to all the parents who signed into and accepted Ready Rosie. If you need another invitation, let the teacher know. It's a fabulous way to interact with your child.

Hopefully all are enjoying the fun books and CD's provided for each PK student from the HB4 money.

Splash day is May 12th and we are looking forward to seeing all for a fun day!

Celine Hernandez (PPCD teacher)​

Lisa Bremer (PK teacher)​​

Kindergarten by Lindsay Gatto

Good day Kinder families! It is hard to believe that the end of the year is upon us!!! Our kids have worked incredibly hard and are well on their way to 1st grade!!! Wow! Here are a few end of the year dates to be aware of! Don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you have any questions as we round out this last few weeks of the year!!

5/12 Muffins with Mom from 7:20am -7:50am If mom isn’t able to come, please feel free to send dad or another special person.

5/18 Field Day from 10:45am-12:30 rain or shine (Families welcome) HRC's will be sending out more information for volunteer opportunities for field day the closer we get to the date!

5/25 Last day of School, Kindergarten Celebration at 8:45am in the cafeteria, 9:30am-10 student recognition and party in the classroom (Families welcome) Your HRC will be sending out more information about the EOY parties and volunteer opportunities! You will also be able to sign your child out of school if you'd like after the EOY party. You'll sign them out with their teachers and you'll be give a slip of paper to give the admin at the front door as you leave!

Terrific Third Graders by Jennifer Emerson

The end of the school year is drawing near and everyone is getting excited! We do have a few more fun events coming up before the end of the school year is here:

  • The COLTS L.E.A.D. Bookfit Bowl started this week. The program is only 2-weeks long so if you haven’t already done so, please take a few moments to register on GETBOOKFIT.COM and start connecting with sponsors who can donate to help our school create a collaborative learning center!
  • This year Field Day will be held indoors and the third grade field day will be May 18th from 8:30-10:15am. Please do not plan to bring strollers or school-aged siblings to cheer on our third graders!
  • Additionally, you can start planning for the end of year party which for third grade will be from 9:30-10:00am on Thursday, May 25th.

Thank-you for all that you do to support our Terrific Third Graders! Be on the lookout for emails from your homeroom coordinator regarding opportunities to volunteer for these upcoming events!

Fabulous Fifth Graders by Lesli Morisak

Hello parents! The kids have their last of the STAAR tests coming up on May 10th and then the rest of the school year will be full of fun and memorable events! Please be mindful and check your email often for updates from your HRC. As always, we appreciate your help in advance! May is teacher recognition month, so be sure to check with your HRC to see how you can help in honoring our wonderful Copeland teachers.

Here is a list of the exciting events coming up:

1. 5th grade pool party May 12th 5:30-8:00 (off campus event, don't forget to get your permission slips turned in)

2. Field day-May 19 from 10:45-12:30.

3. 5th grade farewell and awards ceremony on Wednesday May 24 9:15-10:00 am at Copeland - Parents invited to attend. There is also a 5th grade Recognition program at Anthony Middle School from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

4. 5th grade fun day- May 25 from 11:15 - 12:45 p.m. (this is for students only no parents please)

Yearbooks-by Cheri Villareal

If you have photos to submit for the yearbook, anytime throughout the year, upload them to the replayit app on your device. In school activities only please.
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Kroger Rewards Program

Did you know you can donate to Copeland just by doing your regular grocery shopping? It's a great program that donates money to the school for everything bought by participating Kroger Plus Card holders. See the flyer below for details.
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Don't Forget to Save Those Box Tops!