December 2016

6S Snippets

Thank you for a wonderful first semester!

I appreciate your support in this first semester. We worked hard and accomplished a great deal. To celebrate during our last week, we will be making "Insta-graham" crackers! If you are willing, we are looking for donations of graham crackers, frosting, and candy or sprinkles to decorate our graham crackers. Please email me if you would like to send something in, that way we won't end up with too much of any one thing.

Thank you in advance!

Winter Concert

Our first-ever Winter Concert will be held Tuesday, December 20th at 6pm. The students have been working on some very cool variations of holiday music in class that I think you will really enjoy!

Lunch Changes

Monday's lunch will be Nachos instead of corn chip pie.

Monday the 19th will be Corn Dog instead of beef and bean burrito

Unit of Study- Landforms

Next week we will be completing our studies of the Dust Bowl and Landforms. We will be creating our own free verse poetry to tell a story from the perspective of a child during the Dust Bowl. We will also be creating our own islands out of paper mache. This project will take place on Wednesday morning, so students are encouraged to wear older clothes that day. We will be working with only flour and water, but we don't want to damage any new clothes!

Math- test Friday

We will have our last math test of the quarter on Friday of next week. We have been hard at work using ratios and proportions to determine unit rates, better buys, percentages, and discounts. A study guide will come home next Wednesday.

Replex Flyers- see links for details

Note from Mrs. Conn

Smoke-Free Campus

LeRoy Elementary School is a Smoke-Free Campus. Smoking is not allowed on our campus per school policy including parent drop-off and pick-up lines. We request your cooperation as we work together to quickly & safely load students into vehicles each day.


Mrs. Conn