Teddy Roosevelt JR.

Keep your eyes in the stars and feet on the ground

Childhood of Teddy

He was born in October 27 1858 in Manhattan, New York City. He was a sickly child and he had asthma. He was home schooled and he loved the outdoors and to hunt.

The Trustbuster

Teddy Roosevelt broke many trusts between big companies so they had to go into small companies. This helped stop monopolies and helped it be far to other companies. It also helped consumers because all the little companies had to make their prices low to battle for buyers.

The Problem Solver

Teddy Roosevelt solved disputes in the Dominican republic, Venezuela, and Monaco. He helped the environment by opening state parks.

The Best President

Theodore Roosevelt helped with many things during his presidency. He broke up a lot of trusts, he started national parks. He made a canal across panama to help the citizens get water. He was the mediator of peace during the Russo-japan war and he won the Nobel peace prize. He helped with the well being of the workers in factories with some of his laws. H did many things to help with the progressive era.

Theodore Roosevelt speech

Teddy Roosevelt speech