Goodies, Games, Great Achievements

Team Growth Meetings Dec. 17 and 18

Reflection and Celebration

Please join us as we look at our accomplishments so far and look to our goals for the rest of the school year.

We will celebrate with snacks, a vocabulary game, and a chance to think about student success.

We will meet in room 208 for these meetings.


Team Growth Meeting Agenda

Week of December 15th, 2014

Room 208

Wednesdays: 1st 12:35-1:35 Kdg. 1:55-2:45

Thursdays: 2nd 9:05-9:55 3rd 10:25-11:05

  • Goodies and Game

What instructional ideas does this give you for your classroom?

  • Half-Time Report

Start, Stop, Continue, Tweak

  • Positive Celebrations