Documentaries For The Soul

A "Documentary Night" and "Soul Soup Sundays" Collaboration

Join us for a 5 week transformation program!

Starting Sunday 18 May 2014, and concluding on Sunday 15 June 2014, Join us for a life changing experience of soul nourishing education.

This 5 week program is designed to empower you with all the information and clarity you need to create the life you want!

Starting with some yummy food and drinks, each Sunday we will be watching a different health documentary, followed by an in-depth Q&A with Health Coach Lauren Grifoni from Liberated Health and concluded with a guided meditation from Lewin De La Motte from Dana Meditation and Counselling to help you integrate and assimilate all the knowledge that you have just received. Not to mention interaction with a conscious like-minded community, Soulful Art Installations by Jessie Cadden and warming herbal elixirs & medicinal chocolate treats from Kat Cloud at Wild Bloom! Allowing you leave feeling centred, nourished and empowered!

Limited Spots Available - BOOK NOW to reserve a spot for you and your loved ones. Email

5.30 -9.30pm

15/26 Wattle Rd Brookvale (The Cavern)

Week One: Foundations - We start with an understanding of what makes good health.

Week Two: Sustainability - We look into how your health affects more than you!

Week Three: Sugar & Weightloss - We explore the recent no sugar fad and its worth.

Week Four: Detox - Juice fasting, how to do it properly and why we detox!

Week Five: The Next Level - We delve deeper into how you can take your nutrition to the next step!


$25 per night - We want to make our night more flexible & affordable for everybody so we have decided to offer the first two weeks as single nights, no commitment required.

If you do decide that you would like to continue with the final three series where we delve a bit deeper we can sort you right out. And even better if you want to take the leap and sign up for all five at once we'll give you a 25% discount!