Fashion Designer

Janely Hernandez


growing up i used to read a lot of magazine because I love to see what the fashion designers new styles will be . one of the most inspiring designer for me will be Coco Chanel , her story was so inspiring that may me want to be a fashion designer she was my motivation for a career that i know i will love .

Career Research

Description- Designer in clothes it all about art . showing your different styles . Also a vision of Art .

Daily Task - - involved Drawing

- sketch rough and detailed drawing

- prices for styles

- Designers ideas for the mass market

Education and Training - Bachelor Degree , Fashion merchandising degree

retail stores, as personal stylists, or as custom tailors.designers gain sales and marketing skills while learning what style

Job skills - speaking

- listening

- think critical

Job outlook - The job outlook has decreased 3% percent from 2012 and 2022 .

Salary - $ 58,630

work environment - appeal companies , manufacturing , designer firms . a lot of moving to different places . some fashion designer work over time .

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High School preparation requirement

Related course - Fashion - to learn how to sew

Entrepreneur - to learn how to make your own business

Extra-curricular activities - Fashion club -

- Art club

work/volunteer experience - volunteer at a book fair - greeting people , selling books , listening to the customer .

help at in a salon - cleaning , greeting people , getting supplies for the owner

references - Jennifer Casey -science teacher - east leyden high school

- Teresa haworth - Esl/bilingual - east Leyden high school

- kari stutzman - mathematics - east leyden high school

post secondary plans

my top colleges

parsons , the new school for designers - new york

academy of art university - California

California college of heart - California

I choose this because there not close to home which i want to visit different places . this are my dream colleges to get the best experience with career

I need 2-4 years of degrees , bachelor degree . to know about textiles , fabrics and fashion tends .

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What I learn about trying a Fashion Dsigner is that you need to have a bachelor degree . Their alot of drawing invloved . This career is going to be challege because the job outlook is decreasing but I know if i try my best and show that i'm different must fashion deigher out there will see my love for this .
Fashion Design Careers - Do You Have What It Takes?