JUSD Facilities Newsletter

Volume 5 - Winter Issue - January 2021

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Message from Dr. Trenton Hansen

Greetings JUSD Staff,

The Maintenance & Operations and Planning & Development departments have continued their outstanding work on new and in-progress projects across the district. While many of our employees remain working remotely, our grounds crew, custodial staff, and maintenance teams have diligently maintained our schools and kept them safe. Our custodians meticulously clean and sanitize each school to ensure the health and safety of all those who occupy our buildings. Along with maintaining our grounds, the grounds crew spent the fall and winter months trimming back trees, rehabilitating slopes, reworking irrigation, modifying planters, and so much more. The HVAC crew performed the district’s annual maintenance on the air handler, which included tasks such as cleaning the coils, replacing faulty sensors, and checking seals. Our maintenance team addressed work orders, made repairs, improved campuses, and maintained PPE inventory in buildings and district vehicles. The Planning & Development department remains busy with multiple projects, especially the Measure EE renovations that continue to impress JUSD's parents/guardians, students, staff, and the surrounding community. Many of their projects have been highlighted in this newsletter.

We are incredibly proud of our M&O and P&D employees. They work to ensure our students and staff have the best learning environment possible. JUSD truly shines because of their determination, dedication, and drive. We sincerely appreciate our amazing school employees and district support staff for being patient as we complete our numerous districtwide projects. We want to thank our teachers, staff, and administration for their hard work this year as we face the incredible challenges brought about by this pandemic. Thank you for providing our students with an outstanding education that empowers each child to unlock their potential. We wish you all a wonderful remainder of the school year.


Dr. Hansen and Staff

Completed Maintenance Projects

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COVID-19 Protection Measures

  • Our M&O office staff assists in preparing sanitizing bottles for our Grounds & Maintenance shop and keeping up the inventory of the district’s PPE.

  • Our maintenance staff is safely following all PPE protocols. Our fleet and buses are equipped with the necessary PPE gear and supplies to keep our students, staff, schools, and community safe.

Touchless Hydration/Bottle Filler installation

  • Installed (25) of the (54) units throughout the district
Del Sol Academy


  • Cleaned coils
  • Cleared condensate lines
  • Replaced belts
  • Checked and tightened electrical connections
  • Replaced filters
  • Verified building schedules
  • Removed debris on and around HVAC units
Glen Avon Elementary School
  • The moving crew moved the furniture for twenty classrooms in just two days
Pacific Avenue Academy of Music
  • Rehab of Slope

Peralta Elementary School

  • Office remodel - removed old furniture and prepped for new, painted walls and replaced carpet
Troth Street Elementary School
  • Roofing repaired from wind damage
West Riverside Elementary School
  • Security gate install completed

Jurupa Middle School

  • Remodeled the library, installed new flooring, painted the interior and installed new ceiling tiles
Jurupa Valley High School

  • Administration building roof repaired from wind damage

Patriot High School

  • Hallways, floor detailed by custodial staff
  • Gym floor is being repaired, sanded, and repainted
  • Assisted the Theater Department in installing new sound equipment
  • The library has been completely updated and transformed into a collaborative space for students to work together
  • Mulch installed in staff parking planters
  • New carpet installed in rooms T5 & T6
Rubidoux High School
  • Painting done for preventative maintenance
Education Center

Air Handler Yearly Maintenance

  • Cleaned coils
  • Cleared condensate lines
  • Lubricated motor bearings
  • Replaced belts
  • Checked and tightened electrical connections
  • Filters replaced
  • Verified and calibrated zone temperatures
  • Verified and adjusted water loop temperatures
  • Replaced faulty sensors
  • Verified building schedules
  • Removed debris on and around chillers
  • Checked seals
  • Checked vents for airflow
  • Verified automated system command calls
  • Verified operations of chillers and heater
  • Verified communication protocol for automation system
  • Verified operation of zone dampers
Other tasks
  • Trimmed all trees

  • Reworked the irrigation and plantings at the front planter
  • Built two offices for Education Services
  • Touched up paint throughout the complex
  • Assisted Technology with desk moving

Maintenance and Operations Portable

  • Installed wall mount unit
  • Connected electrical for HVAC unit
  • Installed and configured automation system
  • Verified run time schedule
  • Installed ducting for new work areas

Current Measure EE Projects

Glen Avon Elementary School Modernization

The new office and library were opened to the site back in August, and we can’t wait for students to return so they may enjoy their new Library/Media Center! Since the start of the new school year, the construction team has worked hard to complete the remaining permanent classroom wing improvements to turn over like-new spaces for students and staff. Each permanent classroom received new lighting, finishes, a new interactive projector, and access control door hardware. Projects that are currently in-progress or will begin soon include a new upper-grade playground, a new running track, and asphalt improvements to the playground and parking lot.

Jurupa Middle School Modernization & Addition

The parking lot expansion completed this past summer is a hit with visitors and staff. As of November, contractors have started preparation for the construction of a new office and 8-classroom building. This new office building will provide a functional space for staff to support students and their families. Once the new office and classrooms are complete, modernization of the permanent classrooms will begin. The overall campus improvements are estimated to reach completion during the 2022/2023 school year.

Troth Street Elementary School Modernization

Planning is ongoing for the campus improvements slated for one of the oldest campuses in our district. The design team is taking care to preserve the original brick-styling of the campus as they draft improvements that will bring Troth’s learning environments into the 21st century, including indoor and outdoor flexible learning spaces. Stay tuned.

Completed Measure EE Project

West Riverside Elementary School, Admiral Allen E. "Boot" Hill Building

We are proud to announce that the honorary plaques for the dedication of the West Riverside building to Admiral Allen E. "Boot" Hill were installed on January 15, 2021. The production of the plaques had been delayed due to COVID-19.

Dedication & History

In Honor of Allen E. Hill who passed away on December 23rd

Allen Hill was a highly decorated fighter/light attack aviator and two-star Admiral who resided in his hometown of Riverside, CA. He was raised in Rubidoux and attended West Riverside Elementary School. On November 20, 2019, Jurupa Unified School District proudly dedicated West Riverside Elementary School‘s Building 400 to Rear Admiral Allen E. “Boot” Hill in honor, appreciation, and recognition of his years of loyal and dedicated Naval Service.

West Riverside Elementary School - Building 400

Building 400 was a 1935 addition to the original campus built in 1913. During the design process, the team discovered that the building was a Field Act building. As such, we sought to revitalize and celebrate this building by converting it into an Innovation Space that would serve all of West Riverside’s student scholars.

New Non-Measure EE Projects

Patriot High School Track & Field Sitework Project

Work began in December to replace the existing rubber track that is original to the site’s construction as well as replacement of the existing natural turf football and soccer field with artificial turf. Artificial turf installation offers a safe, functional, and water-wise alternative to natural turf for this high-traffic facility. We are excited to bring the new track to the site and community, who utilize the track for exercise on a near-daily basis.

Pedley Elementary School 6-Portable Addition Project

In early Spring 2021, Pedley Elementary will receive 6 additional portable classrooms to support the Dual Immersion Program and potential growth from surrounding residential development.

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Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance & Operations department, which includes all custodial, grounds and maintenance staff in the district; maintains safe and effective learning environments.

Planning & Development

The Planning and Development department is responsible for the coordination of all construction, expansion, and modernization of schools within the district.