Sam German, Russian and Mexican Americans


A couple things Germans brought are pickles and cabbage. Some reasons why they came are by the 1800's some Germans tired of their rulers. Another one is that the Germans were forced to be in the army. Also some people in German tried to start a revolution in Germany but they failed. The Germans got more money here than Germany. Also they had better jobs america. The environment was that they were looking for religious freedom.


The Russians brought Easter eggs. Also bosh,pedmani and blini. They came because of the governor took money. Also because of freedom and region. A economic reason is that there governor took money. Also they make more money in the USA. Their environment was for hundreds of years czars ruled Russia.


The Mexicans brought tacos to the USA. They also brought special dances and celebrations. Some reasons for coming are because of very few people owned land. Also most people made very few amount of money. They didn't have that much money but they made a lot of money here. There environment was leagle or ileagle because they all wanted to go to the USA because it is a better country.