Parker Wade survives plebe summer!

Football camp may kill him, but the ropes course won't!

plebe noun \ˈplēb\ : a student in the first year at a military or naval school

Plebe is bottom of the ranks!
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It was hard, but he persevered! He started his adventure by falling out of his Rack, USNA speak for bed, the very first morning when music blared to wake the plebes. He said he was scared to death, hit his chair and gashed his cheek open, and almost bled to death. By the time PEP was over and his detailers finally sent him to medical, he was glued up and almost good as new. He was put on the no shave list for five days which ended up being his life saver because three guys must shower, shave, and be in complete full uniform in 8 minutes every morning after pep !

Parker says he would have easily left the first week, but after that he was adjusted and doing better. He has lost over twenty lbs. though, not good for an offensive lineman! He said he suddenly became "injured" the last few days of training so he might not sweat as much and lose any more before football camp. (Smart guy!)

Wade 4 minus 1

We all have really missed Parker, our happy home is missing some of its joy. The Coach and Pryce have started 2-a-days so that's keeping us busy! We look so forward to parents weekend and the first football game . Go Navy, Beat Army!

Mom's love their boys!

USNA Plebe Summer- class 2018 noon formation. Delta Company singing Anchors Aweigh
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