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March 31, 2020

Wow! The WELCOME messages are AWESOME!

The admin team has the pleasure of seeing your welcome messages to students and we are so impressed!! We've always known how dedicated you are and put the needs of our students first!! It brings so much joy to see the level of care that you have for them and their emotional needs at this difficult time! Thank you!!

Pasco Schools Are Now Closed Until May 1, 2020

Distance Learning begins on March 31, 2020 and will continue through this time.

Device Check Out

Device check out was an HUGE success! Parents were pleased with the activity and it was great to see some of our students again! We delivered 329 computers to cars and expect more need to trickle in. It will be up to us as a team to identify who is missing technology from this point forward. We are also seeking to identify students who do not have WIFI. Spectrum's offer for free internet only applies to "new customers". If you know a student who does not have internet, please refer their name to Lindsay Hoxie!

Special thanks to our 'Clote COVID-19 Response Team

Carrie Winans

Kelly Baker

Glory Vee Ortiz

Annette Alves-Burger

Chrissy Cooper

Mr. Sammy

Katie Hamm

Court Hodges

Malik WIlliams

CPL Linville

Wendy Sutyak (our wonderful interim nurse)

Alondra Beatty-Woodall

AHS Admin

and of course... our hardworking "Shark Squad" who prepares our campus for our return.

Course Roll Outs

To provide consistency in messaging, the first week should only focus on the core (English, Math, Science or Social Studies) we will be having all electives begin for students on 4/6. The only group of courses that deviates from this is AP, AICE, and DE college credit earning courses.


At this time, games have been suspended indefinitely. More to come on this when information becomes available.


Thank you all who were able to participate in PLCs today! It was great for your administrators to be able to touch base with your amazing teams digitally. We will be getting back to normal with a PLC schedule on Thursday mornings, the time will be announced. I appreciate the flexibility you all have shown. Additional PLCs will be scheduled after extension trainings on Tuesday.

ESOL Resources for Pushing Out To Your Students

We have the best ESOL IA in the county and she is ready to assist with her kids! Please contact Glory Vee if you need assistance.

Below are some resources in SPANISH to send out to students in your courses as you see fit.

Helpful Hints for Logging In

Suggested Schedule

Visual Guide to Logging In

Canvas VS myStudent: A Showdown

At this time, we are NOT entering daily or assignment grades in myStudent. We will be entering the grades at the end of the quarter, blended or straight from myLearning, time will tell.


Senior and end of the year activities are still scheduled as planned. We are awaiting information about grad bash. Please be patient as we wade through these tough situations. We are committed to making the most of 2020's senior year! Our main goal at this time is to keep them COMMITTED to their graduation requirements. School counselors and SSAP will be working with you on this. (They have extension training Tuesday)

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