Crises in the Towns

Daniel Per.6

James Brown Crisis

After MLK died, James Brown decided that he could help stop all the destruction people were doing in Boston and he came to the Boston Garden and played with all his might to make people feel better and stop the chaos in Boston. He sang for as long as possible to disstract people from the death of MLK. The crisis was about people hating and getting revenge on the white for killing MLK and not giving his death respect.

Two Towns of Jasper Crisis

This crisis has been talked about ever since 1998 only because it was one of the biggest racial killings in Texas that sent two men to the death penalty in a long time. Three men tortured and killed and black man just because of his skin color. There were three trials in total and two out of the three men got the death penalty but only one died. The other two are still alive in prison. Many people argued about the whole situation but were convinced with the judge's decision. This crisis hurt many people emotionally and physically.
James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968)
Two Towns of Jasper

Explaination on the First and Second Videos

The videos are all based on racism, which led to what MLK who tried to peacfully stop racism in the United States. In the first video, it shows James Brown doing his show at the Garden in Boston trying to peacfully calm people down which is a example of one of the solutions to a racist problem. In the second video, it shows how and what the three men did to a black person for his race and color which is a example of a racist problem/crime.

The 5 Questions with Answers

  1. Segregation-What is it called when someone is treated badly because of their race or color of their skin?
  2. The healing effect-What was James Brown's music nickname after the concert in Boston Garden?
  3. Community-In the "Two Towns of Jasper" what was divided into two groups because of their race?
  4. Race Relations-What is it called when two people of a different race are being racist to each other?
  5. Color lines very clearly drawn-What did people say about the tatoos the racist people had on their skin that killed a black man in Texas?

Essential Question-What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

Leaders play a role in preventing crises by verbally trying to calm people down and solve a problem without physical violence. Also leaders make laws that won't create problems and physical violence. James Brown played for people so he could stop and further prevent more crisis in Boston. He verbally/emotionally led people to be calm. The Judge that made the decisions for the "Two Towns of Jasper" crisis tried to solve the problem. The Judge gave punishments that would hopefully show other not to kill over race and skin. The Judge tried to prevent this crisis from happening again.