You dont know what you have till its gone


Leo:Leo was an average kid till him and stargirl started dating and she changed his life. Leo also likes to collect porcupine neckties. Stargirl: Stargirl came to this school and wasnt your average teenage girl. She had a pet rat and played her ukelele.

Kids pick

My favorite part of the book was when leo was behind the car talking to stargirl and she let cinninnam go and the rat started licking Leo's ear

Figurative Language


At Mica high a new student has arived. She was not your average teenage girl. She had a pet rat and played a ukelele. Her name was Stargirl, she became a cheerleader and she cheered for the other teams if they made a basket.The other cheerleaders did not like that so they kicked her off the squad. After that Stargirl and Leo started dating and nobody noticed them they started to shun the too of them Leo tried to tell her to try to be normal, but still nobody noticed her. At the Octilo ball she lead the bunny hop and Hillary slaped Stargirl then Stargirl kissed her and she dissapeared and nobody ever saw her again.

Strong Verbs

But kevin was screaming on the phone.I raced into the family pickup and raced to the stadium.I bolted from the truck."See better up here," he said yanking me into the stands.Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arms.