By: Delaney Kelly



They could communicate with each other much better and way easier. Also now days We are able to talk to each other when we are not together. Especially other people far away. Also almost every job and occupation these days uses writing. It is one of the most important because without it we would not be able to do a lot of things. Including writing anything. Just think of how much you write everyday.



They could keep track of the days. Also add the months and keep track of the months. Still today they help us keep track of what day it is and month. They also now help us stay organized. It is very important because without it we would probably always be off on our days. Also never know the months or holidays or anything.



The houses were then sturdier and more durable. Help them when like there was bad weather. So then now we have even improved our houses more. Because we started making them from brick and then from that we have improved them. It is important because without the better housing we would all be living in houses made of like leaves. That would not protect us from hardly anything.



It helped them celebrate their religious ceremonies. Now it is a sport for us and many people do it to express themselves. to many people now it is very important. Important because without it we would not really have theatre, musicals, or dance or anything.



So that they could be closer to their gods while worshipping. Now a days we use them as historic remembering. They are important because we remember them as being worship temples. so now they have turned them into churches technically.