Jacksons Presidency

Boo Jackson

Indian Removal

Jackson wanted to remove the Indian from their territory because there was resources and more land for more of an population. But congress said that Jackson cant do that but Jackson ignored them because he had an army to back him up. When he got the Indians off of the territory he pushed them westward to Oklahoma.

Taxed Goods

Jackson supported Factory not farmers he taxed the goods so Us citizens can buy manufacturer goods. The southerners were very upset because no one was buying their goods cause Jackson taxed the goods. And this lead to South Carolina thinking about leaving the US.

South Carolina Leaving

South Carolina was going to leave because of Jackson Taxed goods. But South Carolina made a deal with Jackson they will stay if Jackson lowers the taxes. So Jackson lowered the taxes and South Carolina Stayed with the Us.
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Who's on who's Side?

Factory Worker- Factory workers will like Jackson because Jackson doesn't tax their goods and some of the factory workers probably got a free job from Jackson. And since Jackson taxed the Southerners goods then people buy Factory goods so they get more money.

Farmers-A plantation owner wouldst like Jackson because Jackson taxed their goods and no one is buying from the plantation owner. So he wouldn't have enough money to support his family.