Mrs. Stahl's Class

January 29, 2016

This Week...

This week is ELA, the class did a different routine. They were given a task list. For example, the task list could contain: Main Idea mini review, a letter to our Celebrity of the Week, and math WAM. While the class works on their task list, Mrs. Bailey and I were writing conferring with their Expository Writing outline. The students were on task and on target when they came up to meet with us. They had knowledge of their topics and I love that they took ownership and had rationale for their subtopics they chose. It was so productive! Next week we will start the process of the introductory paragraph.

In math, the class reviewed least common multiples. With this skill, we moved into addition and subtraction of fractions. I have been sending home some math homework to review and practice. Mrs. Bailey and I feel that the more practice, the better understanding we have of fractions. This, again, is a huge part of the MAP and we want our students to feel successful and ready in April. Thank you for your extra participation at home with fractions!

The class is working on scientific method/inquiry. We started the experiment process this week with paper airplanes and will continue this next week. Next week, we will work on a practice MAP performance event for scientific method/inquiry. We may be ready for the DCA next week...I will keep you posted.

We put a pause on the French and Indian War because I wanted to stay focused on science this week, to stay consistent for easier understanding. The class will continue with Social Studies in the middle of next week.

Don't forget to keep checking your child's planner and that they are reading for 20 minutes each night!

Sunshine? Spring weather?

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the warm weather!!! Will there be snow days next week??!! Make sure you watch that weather station! YIKES!!! Kristen Stahl