All About Me

Rafael Tapia Urrea

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Growing up

My name is Rafael Tapia. I was born in Tucson, Arizona on June 3 2003.That make me 11 years old.I loved when i am playing games. I only have 1 older sister and 2 older brothers my brothers are mean and my sister is kinda mean but nice to me.When i was little i knew how to play the wii but i was too little to know how to play the wii. I am sensible so when people are being mean to me i will always try not to cry.

My family tree

My uncle was in the marine or army and he died but we don't know how he die we where all crying the people that went into battle field they gave my nana a united state of flag.I have a husky dog.
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My dogs

My dogs are cute it is two one regular and the other is just brown and have blue eyes and at where my mom is there is a husky that had puppies five dogs my mom took a picture at them and she send it to my phone.

old and new school

When i was at Liberty i was happy over there i had friends and places to hang out, but the time came when my mom and my dad had to move out but it was me, my mom, and my one sister and 2 brother i was sad that we move and when i herd about Los ninos i was scared because i was the new kid and my evil cousin Johnathan he was mean to me just for fun but i was happy that he went away.

Growing up is fun

Growing up is fun because i can ride the karts at fantastic land i felt good.

My oldest dog

My oldest dog is a chihuahua, i named her Star, but in Spanish so it is Estrella. She had a lot of puppies that we had to give away to strangers or to my family. She was the only one that had puppies. I did have another dog that was a chihuahua as well, but a male. His name is 'Doggie'. The time came when one of my other dogs killed Doggie. It was a sad dayfore me and my sister Elvia i cried because he was my man best friend.
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My geek side

My geek side is playing games and watch videos of a guy playing minecraft.
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